22 Jul 2015

Bistro Terraces

Who hasn’t envisioned bringing the romance of a sidewalk cafe in Paris to their own garden? We like placing little retreats such as these in our landscape design projects because they expand our client’s outdoor living spaces and offer a perch for admiring the garden and perhaps enjoying a quick breakfast or drinks with friends.

A large courtyard is broken up into smaller seating areas, including bistro tables and chairs to suit any occasion, from a quick coffee break to happy hour with friends. The simplicity of the furniture keeps the focus on the surrounding landscape and highlights the beautiful patio underfoot.

If you don’t have a courtyard on your property, you can still incorporate a bistro-style setting into a smaller space. A small terrace, measuring only a few square metres is sufficient to create a cozy outdoor dining area for two.

22 Jul 2015

Modern Gardens

By definition, formality implies a sense of symmetry and organisation as displayed in the parterres of seventeenth-century French chateaux. However, today the term formal has been extended to include many gardens whose design relies on well-defined geometric shapes, such as circles, squares and rectangles as well as straight lines. In that sense, the basic ground plan for this modern garden is formal because it uses  symmetry/straight lines to define the various parts of the garden. In this case we’ve created a modern sophisticated, stylish garden incorporating purple and white. This garden no only provides year round colour, which tends to be lacking in most gardens, but is also low maintenance.