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22 Jul 2015

Water Gardens

Pools Streams and Water Features

Water features in a garden setting can take many forms, ranging from large ponds and lakes down to tiny pools. Water always adds an extra dimension to a garden, especially if it is moving, as in a fountain or stream.It can be used to make a central feature in its own right, or it can be used to complement other key elements, including planting, structures such as gazebos and bridges, and paving. We can offer various options according to your budget. The Water Garden featured is one that we constructed at Thorpe Park which has lasted for decades.

22 Jul 2015

Garden Ponds

There are many benefits of garden ponds for both people and the environment. Freshwater habitats of all kinds are currently experiencing a great decline through direct destruction, pollution and alteration. From the stand point of conservation , building a pond is immensely useful and beneficial.

Benefiting Wildlife

Small ponds are incredibly useful to a wide variety of wildlife, including insects, spiders, crustaceans, amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds and mammals. Even very small ponds, such as those no more than a metre squared can still provide considerable value to many small animals. Many amphibian species have shown dramatic declines around the world in the past several decades. Providing your local pond dwelling species of amphibians with a pond full of clean water for breeding sites and as a home, is one way to truly help make a difference for local wildlife.