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22 Jul 2015

Garden Ponds

There are many benefits of garden ponds for both people and the environment. Freshwater habitats of all kinds are currently experiencing a great decline through direct destruction, pollution and alteration. From the stand point of conservation , building a pond is immensely useful and beneficial.

Benefiting Wildlife

Small ponds are incredibly useful to a wide variety of wildlife, including insects, spiders, crustaceans, amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds and mammals. Even very small ponds, such as those no more than a metre squared can still provide considerable value to many small animals. Many amphibian species have shown dramatic declines around the world in the past several decades. Providing your local pond dwelling species of amphibians with a pond full of clean water for breeding sites and as a home, is one way to truly help make a difference for local wildlife.

03 Jun 2015


These days the concept of a patio bears little resemblance to the word’s original meaning of ‘an inner courtyard open to the sky’. The term is now used to refer to virtually any reasonably sized, paved area that provides an essential link between the house and garden and allows the various activities of either area to spill over on to the patio so that it becomes a transitional zone between the two. In small gardens, particularly in urban areas, the patio can sometimes take up almost the entire garden area, and its detailed design and the materials chosen to build it are, therefore, important if it is to be successful. Apart from patios and other sitting areas, paving is also necessary in a garden for more practical reasons, the principal and obvious one being the ability to get from one part of the garden
to another comfortably and in all weathers.

Not only the size but also the location and choice of material for a patio are important factors in its
ultimate success. Providing a relatively large expanse of paving can be one of the most expensive items in a garden, and paying a little attention to these details in the planning stages can save a lot of wasted effort, time and money. In our more temperate climate patios and sitting areas will tend to be most
affective where they can make maximum use of available sunlight, particularly during the summer months.

A wide range of materials are available for patio and paving construction. The style of a patio can be determined by the choice of a particular material or by the style of patio.We would be pleased to assist you with selecting the various options.